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Where growth & marketing intersect.


Growth marketing that improves lead generation and increases revenue.

We convert leads into customers and then turn those customers into loyal fans of your brand by leveraging the perfect advertising media with next-generation marketing automation, scalable CRM systems and AI/ML.

We find loyal customers that will love your brand

Retention is key to successful business growth. Our growth marketing stacks give your clients a better experience from start to finish in order for you to easily turn them into lifelong fans.

We leverage AI for increased efficiency and data-driven results

  • AI-Powered marketing strategies
  • ML-Tested paid media templates
  • Thoughtful and impactive automated CRM touchpoints
  • Adaptive testing/reporting

We seriously improve your conversion rates

  • Intuitive customer analytics
  • Advertisement conversion events
  • Automation of sales/marketing follow-ups to let you focus on what you do best

Generate better leads

Generate better leads

Generate better leads

Generate better leads

Generate better leads

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue

Pixel Perfect Website Design

Guru-Level SEO/SEM

Captivating Digital Advertising


Meaningful Email Marketing & PR

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

We provide quotes based on the specific requirements of each business and where we can leverage our expertise within your pitfalls. With that being said, we see most of our clients spending between $2,000 and $15,000 CAD per month.

Am I guaranteed leads?

Before we sign any client agreements, we will discuss your current lead generation and marketing activities and the results you are currently achieving. If we are not 100% certain we can increase lead generation and demand for your business, we will let you know and part ways out of respect for your time.

What is your typical ROAS?

ROAS: Return on Ad Spend

This is a vital question that many businesses struggle to accurately answer before working with us. We strive to achieve a minimum 3:1 ROAS ratio, or a 300% return on investment for paid digital advertisements. This figure varies by industry, but for the majority of our clients we see around a 350% – 800% ROAS.

In a nut-shell, we make your advertising budget go further. Resulting in more sales qualified leads (SQL’s) with a higher lifetime value (LTV).

Can I hire Doddstudios for paid digital advertising only?

In some scenarios we do accept new clients for paid digital advertising only. However, we recommend new clients to take advantage of our tested and proven lead generation stacks that we integrate alongside paid advertising efforts to ensure the highest chance of success.

How long does your onboarding process take?

We typically onboard clients within 7-10 business days for paid digital advertising only. For our growth marketing stacks, onboarding time varies based on project complexity.